UPDATE 16.07.2020

Lochaline Harbour are now welcoming visiting boats back to the pontoons and swinging moorings. However for the time being harbour staff are furloughed and there are no shore facilities. Water, electricity and wifi are available on the pontoons.

All visitors should text the Harbour mobile on 07583 800500 in advance to register a berth. Payment will be taken via BACS payment following the guidance under the Services and Charges Section on our web site. 

On arrival at the pontoons, please make every effort to space yourselves sensibly preferably one boat per finger.

Please follow government social distancing guidelines to respect the local community.

Please take your rubbish with you as there is no collection facility at present.

We look forward to relaxing these restrictions further in due course. 

Thank you for your patience.


UPDATE 18.06.2020

In response to the Scottish Governments recent announcements on the changes to the route map out of lockdown, the board of MCTC has agreed changes in its rules and procedures for the pontoons and fuel pumps in Lochaline to include:

Local day sailing and boating is encouraged so long as normal social distancing practices are strictly maintained and boats return to their home port overnight.

Locals (defined as those living in Morvern on a permanent basis) may use the pontoons by day, but there should be no overnight stays. There will be no charge for this for the time being (although donations are always welcome).

The pontoons will remain closed to all for overnight occupation from 7pm to 7am (excepting essential operations with approval of the board).

Non local boats will be discouraged from using the pontoons at any time in line with current Scottish government and RYA guidelines which state: “You must return to your point of leaving on the same day of departure – no overnight stops. You may anchor for a break, for example lunch, but must not go ashore as this will break the 5 mile rule and could put communities at risk”.

The pontoons will be regularly cleaned, checked and inspected (for safety) on at least three days per week by MCTC approved volunteers.

For the avoidance of doubt, apart from the changes mentioned here, all other previous MCTC COVID rules and guidance will remain the same and the shore facilities will remain closed until further notice.

2m social distancing can be tricky on the pontoons but must be followed. Please be aware of others at all times. Avoid crossing/passing others on the access gantry and stand well clear when passing others on the pontoons. Staff and MCTC volunteers are required and all others are encouraged to wear life jackets on the pontoons to avoid unnecessary accidents and the involvement of the emergency services.

Morvern Community Council in conjunction with MCDC has provided sanitiser at the entrance to the pontoon access gantry. Please use this to clean your hands before and after accessing the pontoons


Sanitiser is also available at the Fuel Pumps – please use this to clean your hands before and after touching the fuel pumps or card reader.

We will continue to watch for changes in the advice of the Scottish Government and review our own rules and practices accordingly. We are desperate to welcome visitors by sea back to Lochaline as soon as we can, but more desperate to do our bit to knock this virus on the head and protect our community from its threat.


                        Lesley, Angus, Bob and Mark.

                        (The Board of Morvern Community Trading Company)

UPDATE 01.06.2020 

Following Scottish Government Guidance Lochaline Harbour remains closed to all non-essential vessels until further notice. The situation will be monitored on a weekly basis.

Important Message from MCTC


Following yesterday’s Scottish Government advice regarding the closure of all leisure facilities, Lochaline Harbour will be closed to all non-essential vessels until further notice.

Boats that belong to residents of Morvern and are moored within the loch can be accessed by tender from the pontoon for essential maintenance.

We urge owners of non – resident boats owners to follow the Government advice regarding staying in your primary residence and not making unnecessary journeys at this terrible time for the country. To help facilitate this, other boats moored within the Loch can be externally inspected by local volunteers on request.

The Harbour and pontoons will remain open for emergency services only.

The Directors of MCTC and the Harbour Masters look forward to seeing you all once these restrictions are lifted and we wish you all well through this challenging time.

For further information or clarification please contact the Harbour Phone on 07583 800500 or email info@lochalineharbour.co.uk

An Admiralty Notice to Mariners will be published in due course.



Welcome to Lochaline Harbour and Pontoon Facilities


Cala Loch Àlainn visitor pontoons opened in July 2011 and provide up to 30 visitor berths, now that the north side of the pontoon has been extended. The harbour is within a short walking distance of the village of Lochaline.

Shore Facilities

In July 2013, shore facilities including harbour office, showers, toilets, laundry facilities and WiFi were added to the development, shortly followed by a safe access road that connected Lochaline Harbour to the village, bypassing the recently reopened Lochaline Sand Mine.

Swinging Moorings

At the end of May 2016 we have installed 10 new swinging moorings to complement the existing pontoons and shore facilities at Lochaline Harbour. 9 moorings are situated just North of the pontoons, and 1 to the South. All the moorings are identified by large yellow buoys with a ‘V’ (visitor) and are numbered. These moorings are suitable for boats up to 12m and cost £15 per night on a first come first serve basis. We have so far received positive comments from our first swinging moorings customers and look forward to offering improved services and facilities to our customers

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